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United Federation of Planets Metal Medallion

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Turn any bottle of wine, thermos or even your favorite coffee cup into a stunning Star Trek drinking vessel.

Originally crafted for Star Trek Wines Andorian Blue bottle, this Classic United Federation of Planets Medallion was made using a family of alloys with elements of aluminum, magnesium, and copper.  Old World pewter in color with ‘antiqued embellishments’ and an inner center of wet painted Deep Space Blue, this Star Trek United Federation of Planets Medallion is a must have.  Backed with a strong 3M adhesive strip on the back, simply adhere the medallion to any curved bottle, cup or goblet.

With your Star Trek Wines Medallion firmly adhered to your favorite chalice, you too can pay homage to the history and mission of the Federation, a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars. Hit it!