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Star Trek First Contact & Wrath of Khan Movie 2-Pack

We pay a bold homage to the iconic film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This exquisite Premium Cabernet Sauvignon wine celebrates the film's 40th anniversary with artwork featuring the sinister Ceti Eel, well known by Star Trek & Movie fans. This Limited-Edition, individually numbered bottle is a powerful, full-bodied wine that has rich flavors of blackberries, toasty oak, and espresso that merge with finely polished tannins for a long luxurious finish. The Wrath of Khan 40th Anniversary bottle is the first in a fresh new series of Movie-inspired offerings. In addition, each back label is inscribed with one of six classic quotes from the film. The question is - which quote will you get?

Star Trek: First Contact finds Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise crew facing one of their more menacing adversaries: The Borg, who travel back to 2063 intent on disrupting a pivotal moment in human history when Zefram Cochrane’s inaugural warp flight facilitates a first contact with aliens.  The crew, divided between ensuring the flight’s success on Earth and battling the Borg aboard the Enterprise, navigate trauma, vengeance, and duty.  The Borg Queen seeks to corrupt Lieutenant Data, while Picard grapples with the shadows of his past assimilation as part of the Borg collective himself: Locutus.

Each 2 Pack Includes:
Star Trek Wrath of Khan Cabernet Sauvignon
Star Trek First Contact Sauvignon Blanc

Both wines in this collection feature elegant design and premium wine quality.