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Cardassian Kanar Red Blend & Kanar Display Box SHIPPING INCLUDED!

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Cardassian Kanar - long considered one of the ‘holy grail’ collectables in the Star Trek Universe. Utilized in both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Star Trek: The Next Generation, the story of Kanar is intimately connected with the rise of the Cardassian Union and the strong bonds which hold the Union together. In its quest for authenticity, the Star Trek Wines/Wines That Rock team conducted a rigorous multi-year search for an original Cardassian Kanar bottle, a unique ‘serpent-shaped’ vessel, originally utilized in the 1950’s through the 70’s in Europe. With only a handful of the original bottles found, the team at Star Trek Wines/Wines That Rock rendered the few remaining bottles in 3D for accuracy and worked with a specialized facility in Southern Italy to recreate and forge an identical replica, resulting in one of the most fascinating bottles in the Galaxy. 
Each order contains one bottle of Cardassian Kanar & Kanar Display Box

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